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Search Engine Optimization Expert Tampa

Search Engine Optimization Expert Tampa

When talking about SEO optimization, you usually think about generating strategies for a complete project, such as a blog, an e-shop, or something similar. However, there are occasions when you develop individual strategies. This is the case of landing pages.

As with large projects, it is possible (and necessary) to take advantage of SEO for these contents. Ultimately the intention is to rank, and for this, the SEO will be a great ally.

First, as a single page, it can be developed in HTML to take advantage of the speed. This avoids unnecessary loading files, as a WordPress type CMS has to do. It is relevant to know the properties that can be optimized.

How to Set Up the SEO of a Landing Page

Source Code

As it was said, it is an HTML page that will not require excessive sources or files; it is even possible to do it without making a single call. Merely the developer unifies the .js manually and then a single request is made from the footer.

Thanks to this, CSS content will not load first, and you can then load the first texts that you want Google to read to rank. This first file is entirely controllable and is inserted directly into the code, including the microdata schema to make the landing page friendly to search engine spiders.

Finally, the blank spaces and line breaks are eliminated, allowing the code to be as clean as possible.

Meta Title and Meta Description Tags

As in any page, the primary keyword must be on these two labels. Also, take into account improving the CTR in the SERPS, using desirable content using phrases as FREE, or EXCLUSIVE OFFER, which is what makes the leads open the landing.

The meta description every day loses more relevance in the SEO configuration. Nevertheless, to attract attention and generate a high number of clicks in the SERPS work excellent. Consult the experts of the best search engine optimization expert Tampa, Boost Web+SEO if you require further assistance.

H Labels

The configuration of these labels also works differently. As it is an HTML, the best strategy is to place a label H1 higher possible in the code. This does not necessarily include the call to action that you used in the meta title. Optimize it with the main keywords.

Regarding the H2, use variations of the Keywords, to allow a higher number of searches. Just develop a "positioning, positioning, positioning" tactic.

Finally for the H3 use the same tactic, but this time with the secondary keywords. Finally, a table of contents is generated in the code for all the labels, to increase the probability of an excellent ranking.


Like any page, in the case of a landing page, Google will only read texts. Therefore, you must apply a strategy of primary and secondary keywords with their variations, so that the spiders relate the page to what you want to position.

The best search engine optimization expert in Tampa is ready to optimize your landings pages. Let us help you get the most leads with this strategy through our extensive experience. Contact us today; we are willing to help you.

Search Engine Optimization Expert Tampa
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