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Article provided by: Slater Strategies

South Florida Website Design

Contact Slater Strategies for quality, affordable South Florida website design. Slater Strategies is a great choice for clients who need premium web design services but can't afford or don't want to pay an arm and a leg for those services. Slater Strategies is where top web design and competitive pricing packages collide. Contact us today for a free website report that details all of your website's strengths and weaknesses, and consult with a web design expert for free.

What Kind of Website Design Does Slater Strategies Do?

To get a better idea about our South Florida website design services, check out our website You will notice that our website design is very clean, modern, and welcoming. We'll make a website for you that is equally as attractive and functional for your business, accomplishing your needs and goals in the process. As you examine our website, notice the design elements and think about how we can apply the same design principles for you.

Branding and Contact Information in the Header

Notice that we have our toll-free number and administrative contact information in the header of our website so that our visitors instantly know how to get ahold of us no matter what page they are on. Sometimes, consumers make decisions quickly, and they can change their minds just as fast. So having your contact information readily available in the header of your website is crucial. Here, we also have our business logo so that people know exactly who we are at all times, and this is great for branding.

We'll Design the Look, Feel, and Functionality of Your Website

Additionally, you'll notice that our website has a lot of functionality including a dropdown menu box with lots of options to click on. This provides organization to the website's design and makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for in a jiffy. You'll also notice the proper use of whitespace on our website, and you can expect we will use whitespace properly for you, too. Whitespace between elements gives the web design a clean look and helps to improve the flow of the content, which is essential for your website visitors.

We'll Choose the Best Colors for Your South Florida Website Design

As you observe the whitespace on our website, please, draw your attention to the color palette that we use in our website's design. Notice how we use standard black text for the headlines, grey text for the body text, and orange for the buttons to make them stand out. We also use orange in our site logo and menu bar. That means we use three colors:

1. Orange in the header
2. Black for headline text
3. Grey for body text

By using a simple yet attractive color palette, it keeps the design simple and enhances readability. Using too many colors or using the wrong colors can damage the experience your visitor has on your website. Further, every color has a psychological effect on its viewers. For example, the color orange is associated with enthusiasm, warmth, and security. Grey is associated with neutrality and simplicity.

South Florida Website Design
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