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Tampa Seo Agency

Tampa Seo Agency

When you develop a digital business, you have to talk to two instances. First of all, share excellent content with our users, to build authority and achieve conversions. Second, you have to "talk in a friendly way" to the search engines, because ultimately they are the ones who decide which links they will show to users when they perform a search.

In that sense, you have to develop different digital strategies to make the business relevant to Google, Bing or the engine that your user prefers. One of the tactics that you should not neglect is the use of the microdata. It is also essential that you know how it works, and as Boost Web+SEO, the best Tampa SEO agency can help you.

What is the Microdata

Years ago, the leading search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex (the most important in Russia) developed the initiative. This is a defined vocabulary scheme (found by categories on that page) and inserted into the HTML code of the websites in the form of microdata.

The search engine spiders detect these data, and with them, they obtain valuable information about the site, the company, the industry, the products, and services, among others. Even if you are developing a personal brand, it is essential to insert the schema markups, so that the engine knows you are an actor, writer, singer or some other professional.

The significant advantage of using microdata is that your site speaks directly to engines, and they can identify you immediately. In this way, confidence is generated in front of them, because they recognize you and see that you are sharing excellent content, or that your users are growing. This is one of the smartest on-page SEO strategies to gain relevance on the Internet.

The first thing that your SEO developer should do is check on the page which are the most relevant markups in your niche. This ensures that you use identifiers that users are frequently looking for, increasing your chances of being found.

The codes are then generated using generators such as the Google Markup Assistant or the Microdata Generator. The code is then checked using a tool such as the Google Structured Data Test Tool or the Bing Validator. Finally, the SEO analyst in conjunction with the developer works on the pages to insert the information.

This information never appears on the front page. This means that your users will never see it, it is only for use at the code level and to speak directly and in a friendly way to the search engine.

This "Semantic Revolution" cannot be neglected. Even if your business is local with a digital presence, it is essential to check the microdata used locally since the trend of Google is the development of "Local SEO." Let the best Tampa SEO agency help you boost your digital presence with the development of your microdata.

We can also offer you other valuable strategies to gain relevance such as keyword research, or the development of your on-page SEO interlinking, the link building, or the analysis of your content. You can register today for our BOOST WEB & SEO Trial, and use the Autopilot SEO to enjoy your relevance, your traffic and your sales grow, as well as the success of your business.

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